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Read The Day We Met from the story Bill And Fleur by flowerlover2020 Danielle with 911 reads. firstmeet, angst, harrypotter. Fleur's POV I can't believe how. Okay, just to clarify I don’t have anything against Bill and Fleur. I think that they are an awesome couple. I just noticed how there aren’t a lot of Bill Weasley love stories so I decided to make one. Any hate comments will be deleted! >. Fanfiction su Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Viktor Krum. Missing Moment riguardante Hermione, Ron e la presenza di Viktor Krum al matrimonio di Bill e Fleur.

With Fleur there may be kissing but Harry just receives from Fleur and doesn't give. For thoes who understand it will be like Bill is dom, Fleur is sub-dom, and Harry is a sub. Language. The challenge was to draw something that you think would happen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I draw Fleur and her baby. I remember I was going to draw something completely different but ended up with this, and if you ask me, I'll tell you that no, I don't really think this will happen in DH but meh, I felt like drawing it. First of all, I dont see how a gap that large is a that big of a deal but according to the wiki Bill was born in 1970 and Fleur in 1977. Unless I am mistaken I believe Charlie Weasley has just left Hogwarts when SS begins which would make him 17 not 25 and is in Romania working with dragons.

The Wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour took place on 1 August, 1997 at Bill’s family home of the Burrow in Devon, England. The bride and groom’s younger sisters, Gabrielle Delacour and Ginny Weasley, served as bridesmaids, and Bill's younger brother Charlie served as the best man. The. Pagina Giudice su efp Francesca s'innamora facilmente e tende a farlo per la vita, infatti conosce suo marito dalla tenera età di 15 anni anche se inizialmente erano solo amici; è. The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we expect intermittent problems to.

Nella seconda prova Fleur deve salvare la sua sorellina Gabrielle dal lago di Hogwarts, ma fallisce e Gabrielle viene infine liberata da Harry, facendo sì che Fleur si comporti in modo più aperto. Al termine del torneo intraprende un lavoro part-time alla Gringott per migliorare il suo inglese; qui conosce Bill Weasley e se ne. Fanfic Recommendations. This is a list of all the Bill/Fleur fics we like: Perfectly Lovely: A missing moment from HBP. Bill and Fleur in the hospital wing after Bill is attacked. Victorie: Bill finds out Fleur is pregnant, and they come up with a clever name. Di conseguenza, Bill ha dovuto rinunciare al lavoro diventando il custode segreto di Villa Conchiglia. Nelle settimane successive, rendendosi conto che Harry Potter stava progettando qualcosa insieme al Goblin Griphook, lo mise all'erta su quelle creature. Dall'unione tra Bill e Fleur nacquero tre figli: Victoire, Dominique e Louis Weasley. Hermione Granger 114 Bill Weasley 111 Harry Potter 38 Ron Weasley 36 Charlie Weasley 28 Ginny Weasley 27 Fleur Delacour 22 George Weasley 21 Fred Weasley 20 Molly Weasley 17 Include Relationships Hermione Granger/Bill Weasley 129 Hermione Granger/Charlie Weasley 13 Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley 12. In una tranquilla giornata a casa di Bill e Fleur, in cui lo zio Charlie ha deciso di far visita ai suoi nipoti, il giovane ripensa alla sua prima visita al villaggio di Hogsmeade insieme al fratello maggiore. Presenti anche momenti della coppia Bill/Fleur e un accenno all'amicizia Charlie/Tonks.

I'm a bit of a fan of harry/fleur, but struggle to find many fics of the pairing that aren't massively ooc/an excuse for masses of smut. I really like Fleur as a character, so her paired with other characters would still be interesting, so long as she is a main/major character. Fleur and Bill dated for a year, falling in love, until Bill proposed to her. Fleur accepted, and in the summer of 1996, Bill brought Fleur to The Burrow so she could get to know his family. She was delighted to know that Harry was going to stay with the Weasleys' for the remainder of the summer. “Well that’s actually what I wanted to talk about,” Bill coughed slightly. “Is she pregnant?” Molly beamed widely at just the thought. “Err no, Mum, she- Fleurs not pregnant,” Bill spluttered slightly. Harry caught Charlie’s eye across the table and they shared a grin at Bill. Bill and Fleur then moved to Shell Cottage, where they assisted Harry, Ron, and Hermione after their escape from Malfoy Manor. Bill later fought in the Battle of Hogwarts alongside the rest of the Order and survived. Following the war, Bill and Fleur had. Read Bill and Fleur from the story Dominique Weasley by hufflepuffkid with 265 reads. harrypotter, girlxgirl, potter. Bill's POV: I sighed as my little girl wa.

The Half-Blood Romantic by Sophprosyne. There's nobody like her. She's smart, beautiful, and witty. Unfortunately for Harry, she's also engaged. When Fleur Delacour returns to Hogwarts to help prepare for the war against Voldemort, Harry has to manage an uneasy balance between the demands of the war and the demands of the heart. 23/02/2017 · Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 - the Order at the burrow after the sky battle HD - Duration: 3:35. DutchHPfan1992 3,158,799 views. Fan Art of Bill & Fleur <3 for fans of Bill and Fleur 22545333. Katie Fanfiction Fantasy Humor November 12, 2018. Voldemort wasn't stupid after all and made his horcruxes random things. This sends Harry, Ron, and Hermione all around the world after Bill and Fleur's wedding. Ron is losing his mind slowly, Harry is losing patience, and Hermione, well.

In my opinion The amount of smut fics that revolve around the Harry/fleur parring seems to be surprisingly low, or is it that i'm not looking hard enough? Cuckolding at Shell Cottage seems to be the only harry/fleur smut fic i could find without going through page after page of ffn. fleurhermione is a LiveJournal community for the Harry Potter pairing Hermione/Fleur. Its profile states that it is "the first ever community dedicated to the Hermione Granger and Fleur Delacour femmeslash pairing". The community is members-only, and membership requires moderator approval. This is a collection of stories that have a relationship between the characters of Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour. harry potter fanfiction harry potter and fleur delacour Je veux voir plus de pots de jardin et de bacs à fleurs biens notés par les internautes et pas cher ICI. Fan Art of Bill/Fleur for fans of Bill and Fleur 23431354.

harry potter fanfiction harry potter and fleur delacour Je veux voir plus d’articles de jardin et de bacs à fleurs biens notés par les internautes et pas cher ICI. Riley Holland is the daughter of a death eater. Best friend of Bill Weasley. And an Auror. But when Harry Potter starts his third year at Hogwarts, Riley is called to protect the castle from Sirius Black. And that's when it all started.

This Bill and Fleur fan art might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. XxChaosAngelxX, Gleegirlfan and 2 others like this. 4. Bill and Fleur. added by chameron4eva. Source. 10/03/2012 · fanart video of fleur and bill. no music or art by me!

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